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Terms and Conditions

 Angelo D’Oro by M&K LLC. provides an online boutique of Luxury Gowns and Luxury Boy Suits with their respective accessories of high quality. The purpose of Angelo D’Oro by M&K is to be part of your unique and memorable moments,while providing the best attentive customer service available. Angelo D’Oro by M&K offers its terms and purchasing policies by its internet domain which is Thank you for your preference!

Customer Service: Angelo D’Oro by M&K is at your service! Do you  have Comments, suggestions, questions about your order and/or any complaint(s)?… send us your message to vis E-Mail to We will resolve your case in a Prompt manner.

Customer Service hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM CST-5:00 P.M. CST. Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. CST-1:00 P.M. CST.

Angelo D’Oro is not responsible for the variety in shape and color of our products via resolution Mobile,Tablet, and/or Computer. The Resolutions of Picture or Videos are subject to vary. Angelo D’Oro By M&K is distinguished by managing and ensuring the best quality 100% original materials.

Social Networks : Angelo D’Oro by M&K invites you to follow us  Via Instagram @angelo_d_orobymk  or Facebook:Angelo D Oro MK. Give us a ***LIKE****and send us your pictures of purchase through Instagram or Facebook with HashTag #AngeloD’OroMK for the chance to win promotions and discounts.

Forms of Payment: Angelo D’Oro by M&K offers clients a variety form of payment from your Mobile, Tablet, and/or Computer, via Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery to facilitate your transaction and complete your purchase. Angelo D’Oro by M&K protects your consumer offering a safe and effective purchase through your SSL Certificate when making your purchase online.

Special Orders: Angelo D’Oro by M&K will send information about your inquired Gown, in special orders due to Item (Complete Sold out /Backorder) selected by customer, Angelo D’Oro by M&K will provide a notice about the time of processing and shipment prior to your final order. In accordance with approval from Client for its special order, we would proceed to the processing and shipment of order. Do You have a Gown model in mind? Let Angelo D’Oro by M&K, turn it into a reality. Send us your idea with your specifications in detail and we will contact you as soon as possible. To ensure a precise Quote and time frame of delivery, the seller will specify the time of processing and delivery as well as requesting the total payment of your order to be paid in full. Angelo D’Oro by M&K guarantees its products to 100%. In the event of default on behalf of the above mentioned company ,will process a full refund. Angelo D’Oro by M&K LLC…Verifies its Orders by sending images to Clients (Order/ Product(s)) prior to shipping and completing your order.

Domestic Shipping within the E.E.U.U: Angelo D’Oro by M&K offers safe and effective delivery Using FedEx Express which will deliver within  2-3 Business days.

International shipments outside of E.E.U.U: Angelo D’Oro by M&K offers safe and effective delivery to any part of the world via DHL, Fedex or UPS. (There are restrictions ***This service applies only to  registered Cities.) Angelo D’Oro by M&K will provide you with the best available shipping fees. (Prices vary according to the destination of the shipment or so well by the volume of its acquisition.) *******Customs taxes are implemented on the basis of two Gowns or more.. By your local customs, which would be covered by the consumer. Taxes vary according to the country of shipment. Angelo D’ Oro by M&K will provide such information to the customer, send us an email prior to your order; and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Shipping to Mexico: Angelo D’Oro by M&K offers shipping of your order via DHL, FedEx and Estafeta(Parcel Post). Angelo D’Oro by M&K includes Standard delivery anywhere in Mexico. Standard Delivery consist of approximately 1-7 business days via Estafeta (Parcel Post).** All Orders to Mexico are considered Special Orders. Special Orders need a little more time to process due to Product Elaboration and Shipment. This process can take a total of three weeks(Covering two weeks of production and one for delivery.) Angelo D’Oro by M&K assures its delivery by providing its customers with accurate tracking provided by parcel post. We also offer Express Shipping(Next Day Air/Second Day Air) for customers needing garments sooner ranging from 1-3 regular business days by a Secured Parcel Post such as FedEx and DHL.  Angelo D’Oro by M&K will provide customers with the best delivery quote available.( Restrictions Apply ****This service applies only to Cities and Towns registered in Mexico.) **Recommendation Please make proper arrangements 3 weeks in advance prior to such Celebration or Event. Angelo D’Oro By M&K will process your order as soon as possible.

Exchanges and Returns: Angelo D’Oro by M&K guarantees its products 100% by offering exchanges and returns on Gown(s)(Dress)/Ropon(s) or Boy Suit(s) within 3 days of receiving your order. In the event of Customer Dissatisfaction, Angelo D’Oro by M&K will process returns or exchanges as long as they comply with specifications stated under Exchanges & Returns, and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Angelo D’Oro by M&K will process a refund of purchase within 1-7 days of receiving the return. *All Returned orders have a 15% (Re-Stock fee).To process a return or exchange, is as follows the customer would only have to send an email to with the order number and specifications and reason of return and/or exchange. We will verify customers information and send them a return authorization  via email with detail information of return address. The refund will be processed in the same manner the customer submitted their form of  payment.
Angelo D’Oro by M&K will take full responsibility for manufacturing errors covering the total costs to ship defective item(s) back to the company. Angelo D’ Oro by M&K will review the order with customer before the exchange is processed free of charge **Disclosure applies If exchange Item is not in stock ,the new item will be a 3 week lead time.**Re-Disclosing ONLY In the event that the error was by Angelo D’ Oro by M&K ***Disclosure**(Prior TO SHIPMENT OF All ORDER(s) WE TAKE PICTURES OF THE PRODUCT(s) AS IT’S SENT TO THE CLIENT)These images are transmitted to the consumer prior to shipment. **

Terms and Conditions:*Outfit or gown and accessories were NOT DAMAGED* USED* or WASHED* In summary the Outfit or Gown and Accessories are INTACT  WITH TAGS as products is shipped to customers.***Angelo D’Oro is not responsible for the costs of re-shipment to process exchanges due to customers (dissatisfaction).***Angelo D’Oro is not responsible for the costs of return shipments and fees. Angelo D’Oro by M&K will contact the customer to submit your new order and process your shipment.

***Angelo D’Oro by M&K is not responsible for any additional charges or deductions in terms of Returns and Exchanges from your form of payment such as PAYPAL or INTERNATIONAL FEES.****

Sizes: Angelo D’Oro By M&K offers an easy Standard Size Table for your Prince or Princess. Please click here to view our table of standard sizing. We remind you that in  the event of any inquiries pertaining to sizing  please feel free to contact us prior to submitting your order via E-mail: . Angelo D’Oro By M&K will contact you as soon as possible, ****If in doubt due to Infants weight “We suggest” To please order one size larger** As a small size is Impossible to make any modifications or adjustments………Thank You!  Angelo D’Oro By M&K

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